Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Watching paint dry...

Bored. Outta. My. Senses. Seriously. After two years of running around like a decapitated chicken, I'd forgotten what all I used to do to pass time. Even though the prospect this vacation is the one thing that helped me keep my head above choppy Entrance waters, now I find myself longing for the grind of non-stop tuition. I've been have been reduced to that!
It's fun in the beginning... The bliss of having nothing-- Nothing-with-a-capital-N-- to do, nothing to submit, nothing to complete, or to cram for. Aaaahhh!! Ain't it awesome?! So you stretch back and decide to nuke your brains watching too much TV, playing too many PC games, kicking back with too many books... Until you just. Get. Sick. Of. 'Em!!!!!
THAT is the point I've reached right now. God forbid, I'm seriously contemplating digging out one of those tiiiiny Entrance books and start doing questions. I need help. Fast.